From Tomato King to Cannabis Kaiser - Inside Europe's Largest Medicinal Cannabis Farm, Denmark by Alastair Wiper

Mads Pedersen, a third generation tomato grower, is the owner of Scandinavia’s largest tomato growing empire, Alfred Pedersen & Sons. Five years ago Mads attended a conference of investors in Canada where a ten year old boy described the way that illegally obtained marijuana had ended his forty epileptic seizures per day, and allowed him to live life free from disability …

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Nuclear is not a Dirty Word - Risø Nuclear Research Facilities, Denmark by Alastair Wiper

In 1958 the Nobel Prize winning Danish nuclear physicist Niels Bohr founded an atomic research facility at Risø, next to the tranquil Roskilde Fjord, forty-five kilometers from Copenhagen. The goal was to explore the peaceful use of atoms in Denmark, and by 1960 three nuclear test reactors had been built. Bohr, who passed away in 1962, was a proponent of nuclear power - but in 1985 a decision was made by the Danish parliament against the use of nuclear power, and Risø’s reactors days were numbered …

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The Oldest Functioning Planetarium in the World, the Netherlands by Alastair Wiper

For seven years between 1774 and 1781, wool comber Eise Eisinga spent seven years building a planetarium in the ceiling of his living-slash-bedroom out of thousands of handmade parts. The planetarium still works perfectly today, showing the relative positions of the planets revolving around the sun, the days of the week, phases of the moon and a map of the stars …

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