Nikon: Elevate the Everyday Campaign / by Alastair Wiper



I was commissioned by Nikon to take some photographs of some car parks.

The brief was to "showcase how skilled photographers can ‘elevate the everyday’ in photography and find genuine inspiration from arguably mundane surroundings. The insight behind the project is that, in some cases, aspiring photographers can struggle for inspiration and rely on extraordinary locations and exotic landmarks to make their picture."

And it's true - there are way to many photos out there of the same thing. People get a camera and go off looking for something spectacular to photograph - another bloody sunset on Hawaii - when actually they should start by looking around them at the things they wouldn't normally consider photographing. Like errr ... car parks. If people think what you are doing is a bit weird, that is normally a very good sign in my book.
Car parks are cinematic and conjour up scenes of spies meeting, lovers having a secret rendezvous, kidnappings and assasinations. Where is this? What is happening? What is about to happen?

All shots taken using a Nikon D750.

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