Art Basel 2016 Campaign / by Alastair Wiper


I've been commissioned by renowned graphic design studio Barnbrook to shoot the advertising and branding campaign for the largest and important art fair in the world, Art Basel. There are three shows per year, one in Basel itself, on in Miami and one in Hong Kong, so I've been travelling round to each of those places to shoot the campaigns for each. The graphical identity for Art Basel, as you can see, involves two planes of colour with a dividing line in the middle, and my brief was to capture moments that involve these, while concentrating on a particular theme which is relevant and historic to each location. In Hong Kong it was the textile industry, in Basel it was the paper and printing industry, and Miami is still to come in December, so I'm not allowed to say what that is for now.

Most of the images are very close-up macro shots, and months later I am still seeing these lines everywhere I look ...

Hong Kong (photos of trams and billboards coutesy of Art Basel):

 Photo by Jessica Hromas/Art Basel 2016


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