Harry's Razor Blade Factory, Germany by Alastair Wiper

This is Feintechnik, a razor blade factory in the small village of Eisfeld in Germany. A three hour drive from frankfurt, the factory has been producing razor blades since 1920 and is one of the very few highly specialised factories to do so left in Europe. In 2014 the factory was bought by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, founders of New York based shaving start-up Harry's, for $100 million ...

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Koenigsegg Supercar Factory, Sweden by Alastair Wiper

On an decomissioned air-force base just outside the small town of Ängelholm on the west-coast of Sweden sits the factory of the most unlikely supercar manufacturer in the world. Forget Ferraris and Lamborghinis, Koenigsegg is in a class above, consistently setting Guinness World records for the fastest acceleration ...

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The Brutalist Skiing Resort of Flaine, France by Alastair Wiper

A quick google of the purpose built skiing resort of "Flaine" reveals one thing above all else: most people think it is extremley ugly.

Built in the 60s by one of the most respected and renowned proponents of modernist Bauhaus architecture, Marcel Breuer, the resort (much of which is listed as protected by the French Ministry of Culture) had nothing but noble intentions ...

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Nikon: Elevate the Everyday Campaign by Alastair Wiper

I was commissioned by Nikon to take some photographs of some car parks.

The brief was to "showcase how skilled photographers can ‘elevate the everyday’ in photography and find genuine inspiration from arguably mundane surroundings ...

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Inside Playmobil, Malta by Alastair Wiper

Since 1976, every Playmobil character has been made in a Maltese factory – where it’s not just the figures who are happy. Not far from Malta airport, 192 new figures are born every minute – and whether they’re pirates, policemen or princesses, they’re always smiling ...

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